Privacy Policy

At Cloverdale Country Market, we respect your privacy and take great care in protecting your personal information. As a leading Canadian retailer, with operations spanning across the retail, health and financial industries, we have millions of customers interacting with us each week – in our stores and through our websites and mobile applications. Through these interactions, our customers entrust us with their personal information.

Canadians rely on us to safeguard this information and ensure its responsible collection and use. To do so, we have committed to the following principles:

  • 1. We will be transparent about how we handle your personal information and our privacy practices
  • 2. We will use your personal information to benefit you and enhance your customer experience
  • 3. We will protect your personal information and handle it responsibly

We also want to be transparent about how you can help manage your privacy and information, so you can make informed decisions.

Here's the full privacy policy and privacy notices for quick access.

>> Scope and application

This policy relates to the customer personal information collected by Cloverdale Country Market and certain of its subsidiaries in Canada, as well as their websites, mobile applications and banners. Throughout this policy, we collectively refer to these companies as “Cloverdale ”, “we”, “us” or “our”. For more information see Which Companies are Included Under this Privacy Policy.

In this policy, we describe what personal information we collect; how we use, share and manage it; how you can access, update and/or correct your personal information; the privacy choices available to you; and the specific privacy notices relating to certain programs and services that provide you with more information.

Please also refer to any privacy statements available at our locations, websites or mobile applications available to you at the time your personal information is collected.

>> What type of personal information do we collect, and how?

We limit the collection of personal information to what is reasonably required to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected. We collect personal information, as defined below, in a variety of ways, including: directly from you, from third parties, through in-store technologies, and when you are interacting with us online or through our mobile applications.

>> How do we use personal information?

We use your personal information to provide you with our programs, products and services, to manage our business operations, to communicate offers and information we think might interest you, to generally enhance your customer experience with us, and as permitted or required by law.

>> How do we share personal information?

We may share your personal information within our group of companies or with our service providers (companies operating on our behalf) and other third parties (companies with which we provide programs, products or services) for the purposes described in this policy and in accordance with applicable law. We do not sell your personal information to any organization or person; the only exception to this would be if we sell or transfer any part of our business.

>> How do we manage consent?

By subscribing to our programs, products and services and/or submitting information to us in connection with using our programs, products and services, you are providing your consent to the collection, use and disclosure of personal information as set out in this policy. In some cases, your consent may be “implied” i.e. your permission is assumed based on your action or inaction at the point of collection, use or sharing of your personal information.

>> How do I change my privacy choices?

We want you to clearly understand your choices and make informed decisions about your privacy options. There are several options available for you to manage your privacy preferences, including, for example: managing your preferences within your account(s), contacting us directly, changing your browser settings on your device, and/or, where available, using third party unsubscribe functionality.

>> How do we protect and store personal information?

We take the security of your personal information very seriously and are committed to protecting your privacy by using a combination of administrative, physical, and technical safeguards. These measures include multi-factor authentication, masking, encryption, logging and monitoring, described below. We store your personal information for as long as it is necessary to provide you with our programs, products, and services and for a reasonable time thereafter, or as permitted or required by law.

>> How do I request access to my personal information?

Under Canadian privacy law, you have the right to access the personal information we hold about you, subject to any legal restrictions. Upon request, we will provide you with access to your personal information within a reasonable timeframe, in compliance with applicable laws.

It is your responsibility to provide accurate, correct and complete information. If you notice any errors in your personal information or need to update it, please let us know through the steps outlined below.

>> How do I know if there are changes to the privacy policy?

We may make changes to this policy from time to time. Any changes we make will become effective when we post a modified version of the policy on this webpage. If we make any significant changes to the policy, we will post a notice on our websites. By continuing to participate in our programs, and/or use our services or purchase our products after the modified version of the policy has been posted, you are accepting the changes to the policy, subject to any additional requirements which may apply. If you do not agree to the changes in our policy, it is your responsibility to stop participating in our programs, and/or using our services or purchasing our products. It is your obligation to ensure that you read, understand and agree to the latest version of the policy. The “Effective Date” at the top of the policy indicates when it was last updated.