Fresh | Local | Organic

Cloverdale Country Farm Market is your ultimate destination for the freshest, highest quality local produce available. We source our product
from local BC farms first and grow a variety of rooted vegetables on our family farm to sell at the market. We are proud to be the largest grower of
carrots in the BC! We partner with specialty farms and orchards throughout the province to ensure that you’ll always have access to high quality, BC

With 75+ years of combined retail experience, our management team is committed to providing you with local, sustainable, home grown foods that
are good for you and safe to eat. The bountiful colours and displays of our glorious, seasonal selections are a feast for your eyes and good for your

We offer a wide selection of:

  • Fresh Fruits + Vegetables

  • Local, Fresh, Organic Produce

  • Exotic Fruits + Vegetables

  • Salad Mixes + Dressings

  • Fresh Cut Fruit + Platters

You’ll enjoy the following vegetables grown on our own farm:

  • carrots

  • potatoes

  • squash

  • sweet corn

  • cabbage

  • onions

  • parsnips

  • pumpkins

You’ll find all of our farm’s vegetables throughout the store, along with other local produce features in season. While the definition of local varies by region, it generally means one day’s drive away or less.

Ask a produce team member where our store’s local produce comes from and when your favourite items will be in season. Yes, we’re that knowledgeable… and we love to share our knowledge with you!